Lead Coach:                        Tim Few

Assistant Coach:              Taylia Sheridan/Khaden Mallett

8 sessions per week (recommended 6-8 sessions) $130 per month or $80 per 10 x sessions


  • Swimmers 12 years or older

  • Member of Darwin Swimming Club (through Swim Central)

  • Payment upon entry into the pool (through YMCA)

  • This group focuses on perfecting technique in specified stroke and racing skills. Swimmers in this squad compete at a state and national level competitions

  • Distance: 3500m – 7000m per session

  • Required Equipment: fins, kick board, pull buoy, finger and hand paddles, ankle band, snorkel, goggles, cap, theraband, skipping rope, foam roller, spiky ball, 2 x water bottles

Session Times:

Monday            5:15am – 7:00am                                4:10pm – 6:30pm

Tuesday                                                                                   4:10pm – 6:30pm

Wednesday     5:15am – 7:00am                                

Thursday                                                                                  4:10pm – 6:30pm

Friday                  5:15am – 7:00am                               3:40pm – 5:30pm                    

Saturday            5:40am – 8:00am

 Squads run all year round with some breaks tailored in based on target meets.