frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay the pool entry fee if my child is only going training with the Club?

Yes. The entry fee to the pool is not included in your club membership.

How do I know if my child is ready to move on from a learn to swim program to a squad based club?

Please feel free to come to the pool on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at 3.20pm. Our experienced coaches will assess your child and provide advice.

Can I try out the squads before I decide to join? Is there a free trial?

Yes. We offer a two week, no obligation, free trial to swimmers of all ages and abilities. Please click here for more information.

What times does my squad train?

Please refer to the training schedule on the homepage for the times of each squad. The calendar is updated monthly, and adjusts to accommodate competition dates.

When is the best time to talk to the coach?

Coaches are usually available at 3.15pm on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at the pool.

When is the swimming season?

The swimming season is from 1 July - 30 June. We hold a Club Presentation Night at the end of each season to celebrate our swimmers' successes.

Do you accept Sports Vouchers?

Yes. If you are new to the Territory and do not have your vouchers, please talk to your child's school or click here for more information.

How many sessions does my child need to attend per week?

We understand that children have numerous other commitments. While we set guidelines for each squad, we only expect your child to attend when it fits into their schedule. There are no minimum requirements (except for Gold and Silver squads) however please recognise that if your child is a competitive swimmer, the more they train, the better their results will be.

What happens if there is a thunderstorm? Does the pool stay open?

Storms are inevitable in a Top End Wet Season. The following information is provided by City of Darwin:

"All City of Darwin pools follow the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations which has what we call a ‘flash to bang’ rule, meaning, if there is a lightning strike followed by thunder within a 30 second count we need to shut the pool for 30 minutes each time. Part of this is moving everyone into the facility under hard cover for the duration of the closure."

Training/events may be postponed but are rarely cancelled. While Darwin storms can be spectacular, they usually move on fairly quickly.

How do I find out my results?

Results are usually displayed at the venue during a meet. After a few days, the results will appear on the Swimming Australia results page or available via the Mobile Meet app which can be downloaded from the app store.

What equipment does my child need to join the Club?

Each squad has its own requirements. Please click here for more information.

How do I enter a Club Night meet?

Please click here to get more information about club nights.

Can I volunteer within the club?

Definitely. There are always positions available within the club. Please contact our registrar on for more information.

Multi Class Swimming. My child has a disability and would like to compete. Can we join your club?

Absolutely. We welcome swimmers of all abilities.

"Multi Class (MC) swimming is a form of competition designed specifically for swimmers with disability.  MC events are normal swimming events with some minor modifications to the rules and regulations.

In order to compete in MC events swimmers must have an eligible classification. MC events see swimmers with a range of disabilities, from multiple classifications competing in the same race. Swimmers race against the world record time in that event for their classification. The winner of the race is not always who touches the wall first, but the swimmer who posts a time closest to the world record for their classification. Swimmers may be granted certain exceptions to the normal swimming rules in order to compete fairly. This allows for meaningful competition for all swimmers." (Source:

We would be happy to guide you as to how you/your child can gain classification.

Is there still training in "winter"?

Yes! It's rarely too cold to swim in Darwin regardless of the time of year.

Darwin has two seasons. Wet Season and Dry Season. Wet Season is from November to April and is characterised by higher humidity and monsoonal rains and storms. Temperatures typically range from 25C (77F) overnight to 33C (91F) during the day. Humidity can reach more than 80%.

The Dry Season, is between May and October. While southern Australia freezes through winter, in the dry season, Darwin and the Top End enjoys warm, sunny days and cool nights. The average temperature ranges from about 21C (70F) overnight to 32C (90F) during the day. It can get down to 16C on really cool nights in June and July. Humidity levels are much lower in the dry season: around 60%–65%.

But don't worry, Parap Pool is temperature controlled year round!